Sunday, May 17, 2009

Passion Vine

I planted a couple of Passion Vine on the trellis hiding the AC unit.

I'm feeling good about this!


  1. How many would you plant every 'x' feet?
    Also, how long did it take to grow up the trellis?

    1. They grow fast! And not all flowers are the same size, some are really fragrant and some are not. There are like 550 types. I did extensive research before buying mine. Trellis can be a hard choice, because anything wood, even treated or painted, will eventually fall apart. I recommend buying a non wood trellis, like iron, resin, etc.. I know this from experience. One wood trellis I had, only lasted about 2 years. I was devastated because my vine was really large. Trying to replace a trellis is almost impossible. Most of the vine will go. I live in Tampa Fl.