Monday, June 20, 2011

Remodel: End of Day 4?

At least I think it's ended? I had to take a call for work so I went into my bedroom, and when I came out all the guys were gone and the kitchen lights were out. All their tools are here so I guess they're coming back, although I wouldn't blame them if they didn't: today was a lot of time without a lot of (obvious) progress.

They alternated between trying to figure out how all the different items in the Home Depot boxes fit together and where they go, and trying to get the base cabinets level. I suspect both were equally frustrating for them - I'd have quit a long time ago. (Every day of this project I wonder what on earth ever possessed me to think Jason and I could do this on our own.)

Oh and I'm forgetting the sink! They spent a little time there too: A) it's heavy, B) they'll have to cut a hole (but not too big) in the cabinet that it rests on/in, and C) they'll have to built a support to hold it up (refer back to A). I've heard it called an Apron front or a Farmer's sink, but apparently it's just a big ceramic bowl and not at all what they're worked with before. Learning opportunities for everyone! I found a link to installing one on the DIY network and gave it to them on my iPad for reference. ;-) If all goes well (and I'm sure it will) it will look something like this:
They never sounded frustrated - Pat (the owner) seems to be very patient and his crew are too. I just can't imagine they thought they'd spend so much time with so little to show for it:
I shouldn't make it sound like they accomplished nothing: I think leveling those base cabinets was a HUGE accomplishment. Yay for old houses....

I personally accomplished big stuff before they got here: last night I primed the areas that had been textured after re-floating/taping, and this morning I painted the kitchen ceiling! I can't brag too much: it's a tiny ceiling. Tonight I need to paint the walls. I'm thinking about something other than yellow but I don't know what, so for now I'll just go back to yellow and then I can re-evaluate later. I love painting my walls: any monkey can do it, including this one, and it has such a huge impact!

Hopefully tomorrow things will move faster for them. As for me I kind of got my wish: they unpacked enough cabinets that I don't have to squeeeeeze past them to get into the dining room. I only have to turn sideways a bit. :-)

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