Saturday, January 25, 2014


It's a tentative greeting because we made an offer on a house, but we're still in the option period so things could go off the rails at any moment. We've had what feels like a ba-jillion people out to inspect the house or give us quotes on work needed/wanted, and we've been on the phone with twice as many people or responding to emails going back and forth like lightning. We're both exhausted by it and it isn't over yet, but we're also excited about the home we found. We/I have grand plans, and since I can only make him listen to me yammer for so long before his ears start to bleed, I figure I'd better use this blog for what God intended.

[Side note: I'm saying "we" and "us", and you might be wondering who the other half of that is, since I haven't mentioned Jason in a while. Jason and I parted ways in early 2011. I met a wonderful guy on, and we've been shacking up since February of this year. I haven't decided yet if I'll share his name on the blog. Maybe he'll be like Norm's wife on Cheers: you never see her or hear her; the only window you get into that part of Norm's life is what he says about her when bellied-up to the bar. Well, and you know her name is Vera, so I guess I'd have to share his name if I'm really going to parallel Cheers.

The more I think about it, the less sense it makes to look to a sitcom about a bar, and specifically an obese alcoholic who frequents said bar, for guidance on how to blog around my relationship. Frankly I've already spent way more time on it than I planned. Now it's awkward. Sorry.]

Um, yeah, so a new house!! Maybe. Hopefully. I'm nearly bursting at the seams to get in there and start planting and painting! I've been making Pinterest boards, I can't think of an analogy for something that collects pictures on the web and groups them by theme on virtual cork boards. But whatever it is, that's me (or I'm it)!

I figure I'll just start posting about the various plans I'm pondering by area/topic. Hopefully it will help me work some stuff out so I can move in and hit the ground running! And if the house doesn't work out, we'll have bigger problems than me being massively disappointed: we have to be out of our apartment by March 2nd. Yikes! I could be sleeping in the park instead of blogging about gardening my own!

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