Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm thinking about converting my backyard into a koi pond

I'm mostly there after today's rains, I just need the fish.

Front of the house. All that water is flowing from our yard and Neighbor Steve's yard into the street.

Flooded area between our houses. You can see why the bottom of the fence is rotting....

Inside our fence. Note the submerged edging.

When the water gets too high on Neighbor Steve's side, it pours between those salvia and into our yard.

This is when I start to get nervous: when we have waves of water on the back patio. I've had to redirect/block the water with boards on a few occasions. Today was not one, but we got close.

Those yucca are not going to be happy about this.

That blank area between the beds is where water flows in from the yard of the neighbor behind us. They ripped up their soil and put down a ton of rock, so it all just flows "downhill". I hate them a little.

That's not the way I had those boards laid out.

I put some mulch down here today, just before the rains started. And then Mother Nature dumped an ocean on Austin.

Could be a lot worse, though.


  1. That is a LOT of water. I hope it didn't stand very long in your garden, Wendy. It is amazing how big an impact what the neighbors do can have on our lots, isn't it? I'm guessing you've got a dry stream bed in your future.

    1. It actually doesn't stand for as long as feared it might, so that's something! I suspect I have a whole Summer and Fall to plan and implement a dry stream bed before we see rain again! ;-)

  2. Not cool, neighbors, not cool. On the bright side, it looks like you could do a pretty cool dry creekbed feature to deal with all of that runoff without having to mess with already established beds. That's a LOT of water!

    1. Yeah, l'd like to pretend I planned those beds with that in mind, but I just got lucky. I'll take luck any day, though!