Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flooding revelations, or "Occam's Razor at work in the garden"

If you haven't see my post with pictures of the flooding between our house and Neighbor Steve's, or even if you have, it bears review before you watch the below. I took this video during Tuesday afternoon's cloudburst.

When we've discussed our shared flooding situation, Neighbor Steve has explained how the water flows across the back of his property from his rear and left neighbor's yard, over to the fence line between our properties, and then it all pools at his gate. 

I have no doubt it does, but I bet he's never watched his own gutters from this angle during a storm:

[You can hear Ryan talking about the Spurs draft in the background. I'm sad Tiago is being traded, even though sometimes I wanted to pummel him.]

In case the video is too grainy, there's a gutter downspout that is dumping the rainwater right into metal edging that effectively acts as both a dam and a funnel, redirecting it all into his fence/gate area (and therefore ours).

Here's a closer (and still) look from the flooding in May:
The rain had mostly stopped when I took this
Here's a grainy image with paint scribbles to illustrate, depicting the edging obstruction (red) and water flow (yellow):

I'm by no means suggesting we no longer need a dry creek bed between our properties to channel water out to the street. I'm just sayin' let's start with the cheap and (now) obvious: maybe remove the edging, and get one of those accordion-looking thingies that goes on the end of a gutter and unrolls 2-3 feet away to deposit the water elsewhere.

Sometimes being obsessive is a helpful trait (said the creepy lady filming the neighbor's house from her kitchen).

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