Thursday, March 26, 2020

Starting Over

New house, new garden! I purchased a house in Pflugerville, Texas this January. I love the neighborhood and the city! My home is adorable and sweet, and the lot is just under 1/4 acre so I’ve got a little room to work with.

Both the home and the yard have suffered a little neglect, and I’ve been busting at the seams to get a flower bed or two in the back before summer begins! I squeaked in my plant purchases and a bulk dirt delivery just before the stay-at-home order was issued, whew! (If you’re reading this from the future, google “COVID-19”, and then let, me know how it ends.)

Words aren’t coming to me this morning, so I’ll just post pictures. Here’s some “before”:

These are realtor pics from when the house was on the market, which make it look MUCH bigger than it is. It’s long for sure, but that patio is about 16 feet away from the back fence. (There’s more, but we’ll get to that another day.)

Since I had a lot of time between closing and move in, I started a plan on paper. First time doing that in my life!!

I outlined the beds with flags and string first, just to make sure I didn’t hate it and it didn’t feel cramped or awkwardly shaped.

(I also got some trees for privacy and structure! Another post.)

I knew I had neither the time nor the money to do it all at once, so I decided to focus on the beds closest to the house. Then I got edging and laid it down:

Left bed 1

Left bed 2

Left bed 3

Right bed
The soil was delivered Tuesday, and here’s where things stood as of Tuesday night:

Left bed

Right bed

I started planting the left bed last night, and will probably do the right side tonight. I have a few more plants on the way via mail order, so I’ll take post again when it’s all in the ground!


  1. As unfortunate as this time is we now all have time to get creative. Congratulations on the new home. Your plans for the garden look great. If you are new to Pflugerville area check out Green 'n Growing they are still able to be open at this time.

  2. Wendy, I love this reminder of where your beds started. They are beautiful and lush now! And I had to laugh that, of course, you already had all the plants purchased before the bed went in. That's the right way to do it, isn't it?