Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Holy (tile) Grail

Here are some images from that page in case you don't want to make the extra clicks but are still vaguely interested:

And I thought I hated blue! Turns out not so much. It looks SOOOO awesome next to the floor tile. At least the ad looks awesome next to the floor tile. Now I just need to:
  1. Find someone in Austin who sells it
  2. Decide which of my organs I least need so I can sell it to buy this tile

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tile Porn

I'm kind of back to square one with the backsplash. I ordered the floor tile and that's super exciting! It should be here in about 3 weeks. Here's the outline for the center pattern, or as Jason commented "the crime scene where the drywall's body was found":
However, they gave me a 6x6" square of it to take home and now that I have it next to the Calacatta Gold and the classic white Subway tiles it doesn't seem to go with either.

So the search for backsplash tile continues.

I am loving my kitchen! Sometimes I just turn on all the undercabinet and in-cabinet lights, leave the room, then go back in just so I can get the full effect. I compulsively rinse my sink and wipe the countertops because they're just too pretty to leave them anything less than perfect.

I painted it a really warm taupe:
Unfortunately I can't just paint a tiny section and accurately judge if I'll like it, so I painted it 4 times before I settled on that color. Luckily for me it's a small kitchen. Of course then it didn't really go with the butter yellow walls in the dining and living room, so I had to paint them too. Now I think maybe I need to reupholster my couch because it doesn't quite go with the walls. That's the unforeseen cost of painting.

p.s. Check out the water running from my awesome faucet into my even more awesome (as if that's possible) sink:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beginning of the end: Remodel Day 16

Today was a HUGE day: the granite was installed! I am ridiculously happy! I took for granted how much easier life is when you've got a big flat surface to work with in the kitchen. For instance, you can:
  • Put your groceries on it when you get home from the store
  • Prepare your cat's medication on it
  • Set things on it before putting said things away in your new cabinets
You can also put a bowl with fruit on it, so I did:
It's SO beautiful! Here's the full view:
Contrary to appearances the faucet isn't installed. The granite wasn't in place until around 4pm, so the plumber will come tomorrow. Eric is coming in the morning to wrap up miscellaneous cabinet work and then they're out!
Aside from this it was two steps forward and one step back with my other efforts today. I went to pick up the glass for the cabinets and figured out I was able to install them on my own (yay!), but two of the four panels were too wide by about 1/8" so I took them back. Hopefully they'll be ready tomorrow. I made two futile trips to two different Home Depots last night, but after waiting patiently for about an hour this morning I was able to order the additional cabinet knobs. It will likely be a week before they're in, however.

I've narrowed my tile quest down, which is a relief. I'm looking at Calacatta Gold marble in a honed finish, with this pattern:
(I laid it out on the floor and if you squint it looks better. And minus the bottom row of 3x6 tiles, I got overzealous.) My inspiration was this pattern posted on the TileTramp's website:
It's either the marble or plain white subway tiles. I love them because they're so classic (and they're already used in my bath so there's some continuity there), but I'm afraid the solid black countertops and solid white backsplash might look too 50s. Or just boring.

Regardless, now that the countertops are in I can stop guessing about how many rows of each size tile I'll need and actually draw it out on the backerboard. That ought to keep me busy for at least a week, and then I can order tile with confidence.