Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I heart Pinterest

So much has happened since my last post! Over the weekend we tried various paint swatches on the walls while removing wall plates, window treatments, and giant home office systems.
Don't ask me what color is what. I wrote it on the wall in pencil. All you need to know is that Revere Pewter ain't worth all the hype. I'm liking Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray and Sherwin-Williams Modern Gray a lot; we'll see what Ryan thinks.

The popcorn ceiling removal guys started Monday, and WOW what a mess that is! But it's already a vast improvement!

Friday, February 14, 2014

We own a house!

We just closed, and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! We should be able to go over there by later this afternoon (former owner is finishing her move-out), and then the fun really starts! We have popcorn ceiling removal guys starting on Monday, and hardwood flooring going in on the 25th, and then we officially move in on March 2nd. In between all that I have to get the whole house painted, rip out the front shrubs and plan a new front garden, and evaluate what other immediate work needs to be done. (No idea what state the kitchen cabinets are really in on the inside.)

I've been trying to pick paint colors and make other decorating/renovating plans as much as I can without having access to the house. I suddenly understand why Pinterest is so popular! As for sharing my plans/ideas, I figure I'll just start from the outside front and work my way in.

Here's the current front exterior:

Photos: MLS listing

The giant looming shrubs are all going. [Mini rant: why do you plant something and then spend money (or time) to cut it into a shape in which it doesn't naturally grow? Don't cut square hedges. Don't make goofy balls out of your shrubs. If you don't like its natural shape, don't plant it.]

I also hate how dark the front porch is. Obviously better lighting would help, but in the short-term I plan to paint the ceiling area a white color to match the siding and brighten it up. I also plan to repaint the front door:

Which brings me to the front plantings. I love the idea of a blue garden, which would include succulents, agave, and other plants with glaucous foliage. [This blog is fun AND educational!] And of course, I WILL have roses. Here's a collage of plant ideas:
Please forgive the ghetto collage using MSPaint: I just don't have the patience for Picasa today. Or most days, really. All of these photos and their original locations can be found on my Pinterest page here.
I think the occasional orange aloe bloom will coordinate with the orange-ish brick nicely, and since blue and orange are opposites on the color spectrum I'm feeling pretty designer-ish.
Photo: author's own

I'm also considering California poppies for both their blue feathery foliage AND their orange blooms, but when they die they look so ratty. I don't want ratty in the front of the house if it can be avoided.

The tricky part will be the watering requirements. Some of these plants will rot if they get too much, and others (like the roses and palms) will need it fairly consistently (especially in the hot summer). Our new house has a sprinkler system which is SUPER exciting for keeping the lawn alive, but I don't yet know where the sprinkler head placement is. Obviously that will be key to optimal plant survival.

I might bring my old blue pot collection to the front porch as well:
Photo: author's own
Exciting things happening, at least in my head!!