Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Season 2: lessons learned

  • Right rear area gets a lot of shade, not good for Daylilies or Irises
  • Gardening design decision: no white, yellow, scarlet or orange-red
  • Hand watering only gets harder the more plants you have
  • I have a mosquito issue, no idea why
Exciting new finds:
  • Did I mention Bearded Iris?
  • Bamboo Muhly - big, fluffy, easy
  • Agastache - they smell like candy AND they're drought tolerant! What could be better?
  • Knockout Roses - cheating but awesome
  • Antique roses - just awesome. Why was I afraid of gardening with roses?
  • California Poppies - cheerful and beautiful
  • Artemesia - totally underestimated plant
Got the boot:
  • Butterfly Bush - not sure why, just didn't grab me
  • Russian Sage - too sparse
  • Leyland Cypress - planted 5 in the Spring, lost all but one by Fall. I kept the one that lived just for a experiment.
  • Mexican Mint Marigold - yellow blooms (see above)