Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am a master gardener extraordinaire!

I went in the backyard yesterday and some of the dirt in my veggie bed was mounded up. I thought maybe a cat had used it as a litter box but when I went over to smooth it out I found that 2 of my okra varieties are sending up shoots!! But that's not all: one of my basil variety is sending up shoots too!! I RULE!!

Today they looked even better, and everything has sent up shoots now!

I thought for sure some wouldn't come up but now my problem might be too many shoots? I have no idea how to space these things, I don't know what they look like as they get bigger.

The leaves on the left are cantaloupe, the ones at the bottom are the little zucchini, and the ones at the top are okra. So exciting!! A few other fun gardening developments:

Jason's pineapple lily earns its name

One of the bananas has 2 new shoots

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