Saturday, May 30, 2015

Plant all the plants!

Today I died and went to heaven: I got to go see two amazing gardens up close and personal, meet bunches of talented and creative Austin gardeners, AND got some new (free!) plants!

I was so inspired by both the hardscaping and the plants! When I left my brain was working overtime, trying to imagine new ways to incorporate rock, wildflowers, changes in elevation, you name it.

Some were crazy thoughts (magically persuading my neighbors to cut down their trees around our back fence so that area gets more sun), some totally feasible (gradually removing more front lawn so I can plant big gorgeous agaves and yucca and cacti).

Both gardens had some impressive solutions to serious drainage problems. I've got a lot more pondering to do on that front.

I'm so ecstatic to have met more obsessive gardeners!! It's freakin awesome to geek out about plants and not worry about boring anyone!


  1. Wendy, it was great to meet you in person! And I'm happy to have one of your passalong salvias in my own garden now. Yep, you've found your plant-geek people. :-)

  2. Great to meet you Wendy. I felt the same way when they invited me. No one thinks I'm a weirdo there...
    And those gardens were amazing.

    1. I figure non-gardeners are just not-yet-gardeners. ;-)