Sunday, April 24, 2016

Operation "No Mo' Grass", Phase II: plants!

So many exciting plants, so little space!

I love this view so much! Look how the Golden Barrel Cactus glow!

Some close ups with plant names:

Yucca rostrata, Opuntia Santa-Rita, Euphorbia antisyphiltica, Agave parryi truncata,
a Pennisetum grass I can't recall the name of, and some iris I relocated from the front

Agave weberi, Golden Barrel cactus

Opuntia Santa-Rita in bloom

It looks like a 4th of July sparkler!

Agave weberi and Agave parryi truncata

Agave Blue Emperor (tiny), Salvia Pozo Blue, Psoralea fleta, transplanted iris,
and big ol' hulking AC unit

Datura Evening Fragrance, Agave Blue Glow, Opuntia Santa-Rita, Aloe striata
(I think?), Salvia whose name I can't remember (transplant from the back)

Yucca schotti, Golden Barrel cactus

Euphorbia resinifera (Moroccan Mound), Agave parryi (transplanted from the front)
The full list:

  • Euphorbia antisyphilitica
  • Yucca rostrata
  • Agave 'Weberi'
  • Agave parryi truncata
  • Golden Barrel cactus
  • Psoralea fleta (Weeping Blue Broom)
  • Opuntia 'Santa Rita'
  • Agave 'Blue Emperor'
  • Aloe striata (questionable)
  • Blue Glow Agave
  • Salvia Pozo Blue
  • Datura 'Evening Fragrance'
  • Datura seeds from Lori of The Gardener of Good and Evil
  • Euphorbia resinifera (Moroccan Mound)
  • Yucca schotti
  • Agave parryi truncata
  • Golden Barrel cactus


  1. I like all your grass-free beds, Wendy, and succulents, it looks like the weed-free garden I imagine having, instead of my exuberant weeds and spreading perennials. I grew up in Texas, but in Houston where it was pretty wet and the weeds were also very exuberant.

    1. Thanks Hannah! Sadly I am battling bermuda grass in those spots that actually get sun, even those new beds where the sod was recently removed. :-/ I spent all day today digging down to try to get it at the roots where I could, but in other spots (like under the decomposed granite) I fear I'll have to take more drastic measures.

      In my old garden it was's always something! :-) My goal is to cram so many plants in, the weeds don't get any light!

  2. This looks Awesome!! Keep us updated on the rain runoff battle.

    1. Thanks a bunch! After the early morning storms all seems to be fine from a water standpoint; it was all the downed tree limbs that were more troublesome. Miraculously they all landed in spots that happened to be plant-free!

    2. I love your plant choices, Wendy. That's going to be great as it fills in!

    3. Thanks a bunch, Pam! I'm resisting the urge to buy more for that bed, but I'm already eyeing other parts of the yard for future potential. ;-)