Sunday, July 16, 2017

Foliage Follow-up: July 2017

I had a little trouble narrowing it down this month, so all of this:

And since I posted about the Pennisetum (at right) last month, I decided to focus on the Yucca 'Lonestar' (left and far rear).

I purchased them in 1 gallon containers 2, maybe 3 years ago? They grew MUCH larger than I expected. They were marketed as kind of a "brighter" soft-leaf Yucca, but if you looked at them side-by-side I don't know that you'd put them in the same category: they aren't floppy or soft. (The ones that get more shade have a few leaves at the base that flop down.)

Their upright habit is more like that of a Spanish Dagger, but the leaves are broad like the soft-leaf.

I love how the leaves of this Yucca look painted. I would buy more, but I haven't seen them at a nursery since.

Yucca 'Lonestar'

The second runner-up is my new plant crush, Datura wrightii. I love the gray-blue leaves, and the way it spreads out like an umbrella.

Datura wrightii

The one good thing about the gawd-awful heat of late is the way it affects some of my stabby plants. The Opuntia santa-rita 'Tubac' and Agave striata 'Live Wires' have both taken on reddish-purple hues:

Opuntia santa-rita 'Tubac'

(I tried to get better close-ups, but with my iPhone being my only camera these were the best I could do.)

Agave striata 'Live Wires'
I can't find any more Agave striata 'Live Wires' either. I bought 3 online at the same time maybe year-one of being in the new house, and only this is the one that made it. (I bought one just a year ago, and it has struggled mightily. It got off to a bad start by being in soggy soil.)

Tons of thanks to Pam Penick of Digging for hosting the monthly Foliage Follow-up!


  1. Wendy, your garden is looking freaking fantastic! I love the burgundy echoes you've got going on in that top photo, with the pot picking up the color, and contrasted with the blue-green leaves of the other plants. I'm glad to know more about the Lone Star yucca, as that's one I haven't run across.

    1. Thanks so much! When we bought the house I hated the brown trim, and now looking at the picture I realize it goes nicely with the Pennisetum and Chocolate Mimosa. It looks like I did it on purpose, HA!

  2. These photos all had me swooning. Love them!

  3. Love that yucca! Maybe it will get wider distribution eventually. All great plants.

    1. I have this theory that they (THEY) release plants just to test the market, so you won't find them for a year or so and then they come back? I dunno, that's what I saw with the Fatsia 'Camouflage' and a few others that are now easier to find.

      I'm hoping maybe it will pup, just in case I was the only fan and it never comes back to a nursery! ;-)