Sunday, January 18, 2015

Painting the kitchen cabinets - 99.2% done!

I submit to you the lower cabinet doors in all their painted glory:

I still need to address the cabinet we're converting into a pull-out trash bin. (Hence, the 92.8% completion estimate.) I'll post some pictures of that too.

I ordered a custom-sized rug from, to cover the blue tiles on the floor. It measures 4'1" x 8'10", and there's no standard sized rug that would fit that space without looking a little weird (a 6x9 would end up going right up to the cabinets on both sides). The awesome thing about that site is that they sell remnants in odd sizes at radically discount prices, and they'll finish them out with cotton edging for you! I got the perfect size at a fraction of the normal cost - can't wait until it gets here!! If I love it I'll get a matching one to cover the blue tile in the dining area.

Once I do something about the backsplash I'll post a full view before and after comparison shot. So close!!

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