Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden additions in 2010 (so far)

I've decided three things this Spring:
  1. I'm going to plant more of what works
  2. I miss the smell of roses
  3. Mass plantings are always the way to go. Buy 3+ or go home.

So far I've added:
  • 3 Chrysler Imperial rose - I'm a little worried about black spot but it's worth a shot. The red-purple blooms are huge, intensely fragrant and beautiful
  • 4 Bush Germander 'Azure' - 2 in the back bed on the left, 3 in the middle of the back bed. They're uninteresting during most of the season, but the intense blue blooms in Winter and early Spring make up for it
  • 3 more Salvia Leucantha - they're gorgeous in a mass planting, so that's what I'm going for
  • 1 Colette Climbing Rose - it's a peachy pink and smells wonderful!
  • More Aloe Striata pups - the existing plants keep producing pups, so I'll keep planting them!
  • 4 dwarf Salvia Leucantha - I put them next to the other 3 in the center bed.
  • 1 Buddleia Nanho Blue - for the center bed, to replace the Ellen's Blue that just didn't love me as much as I loved it.
  • 2 Lonicera sempervirens, aka Honeysuckle vine - for the trellis that hides the AC unit
*Disclaimer: it doesn't look like this yet. I got this picture off the interweb.

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