Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let there be light! or Remodel: End of Day 12

Yesterday a lot of finishing work was done on the cabinets, including placing the sink. It isn't really set in place permanently, but it's ready for the granite installation and that's when it will get done.

The guys also reconnected my stove so I could actually start cooking again! (Although I can't wash any dishes I dirty...but it's still progress.)

Today they working on evening out the floor so I can tile someday, and a little more cabinet finishing including the knobs. I love the knobs.

The electrician also came, and this thrills me beyond words: my undercabinet and in-cabinet lighting! It's beautiful!!
Here's another view (no flash):
It's going to look amazing when I finally tile the backsplash! And speaking of that, I've narrowed it down to rectangular-shaped tiles. I think. I'm looking at Calacatta Gold marble OR porcelain subway tiles like in the bathroom.
I love the marble, but I'm not sure it really fits with the house. And in pictures it just seems to look dirty unless it's a solid slab. Case in point here.

My goal is to have the tile in my inexperienced hands by next Thursday to start tiling. I've given myself a decision deadline of tomorrow evening!

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