Monday, June 20, 2011

Remodel: Start of Day 4

I skipped Friday's post - there was a little floating and taping and that was all, so nothing to blog home about. I realized at the end of the day that we (I?) had forgotten cement board on an entire wall - the one next to the stove. [My plan has been to tile up to the doorway on both the stove side and the sink side because there's always something splattering on the paint and it's gross. ]

I emailed Pat a photo and told him, and he was great, he said that they'd take care of it today! I apologized profusely because I honestly don't remember if I told him or Eric about it. All these guys have been great, I'm really glad I went with them.

Saturday was a Quest for Backsplash Tile. I've been looking online and I love either a Honey Onyx or something marble, like a Crema Marfil. I ordered some samples online of each, but in the meantime I cruised Austin's "Tile Mile". (That's a bunch of tile stores on Rutland Drive.) I saw some amazing tiles. My goal is to match this:
It's called Pavone (Macchiato is this stained version) from the Intaglio Collection, and it's from a store called Alkusari Stone here in town. I was at their store looking at granite slabs, and this tile was down in their foyer. It was love at first sight!

I love how it looks like a carpet (but isn't). Since there's no room for an island the middle of the kitchen floor has always looked sort of bare to me. This will fill it in beautifully, I think!

This is the link to their product guide - they're all amazing. So now the challenge is to find tile for the backsplash that isn't going to compete OR look blah by comparison.

Sunday was 8 hours of back (and arm) breaking work: I broke down the old cabinets and pulled out all the nails so they could be hauled off in the neighborhood bulk pickup. The cabinets been sitting just inside my fence since Jason took them down in January. It looked really ghetto/white trash so I was glad to see them go, but hands hurt, my butt hurts (from sitting on the concrete carport floor) and I almost got stung by wasps who'd built a nest on the backside of a cabinet. I finally finished up around 9pm last night. I was going to take a picture today because it was an impressive stack of stuff, but they took it away first thing at 7am! It's like they were never here...except for the big patch of dead grass underneath them. Maybe I should take a picture of THAT as proof!

The guys are here now preparing to hang the cabinets! I can't wait to see my dining room floor again - I'm so tired of squeezing past boxes. If all goes well the official granite countertop measurements can be taken tomorrow! More later!

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