Friday, April 10, 2015

My armpit stinks

And by my armpit, I mean that back left corner of the backyard:

Yes these are terrible pictures, but I defy anyone to take a flattering picture of this spot.

It's not just the ugly sagging fence, although that certainly doesn't help matters. There's just NOTHING interesting happening here. And it's the place your eyes are drawn to when you first walk through the gate into the backyard. (Well, my eyes anyway.)

I've been agonizing over what to do with that spot. I was originally thinking I'd plant the Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel' there, but I ended up planted a Melianthus major 'Honey Bush' I got from Annie's Annuals there instead. I want all of this sooooo bad:

It died. Almost immediately.

It's probably just as well, because I feel like that corner needs some height, something to draw the eye upwards. 

The biggest challenges I see with that spot:
  1. It doesn't get full sun unless it's winter and all the leaves from the back neighbor's trees have dropped.
  2. I don't want to plant anything that would block out sun hitting the other plants in that area.
  3. It's an incline (and according to the dude we called to evaluate our drainage situation during heavy rains, it needs to stay that way).
These are the options I've been considering for that job:
  • A palm (a Pindo or another Brahea Armata)
  • A Japanese Maple (see my previous post on being cautious, though)
  • A couple of Sagos, but ones with a lot of trunk showing
  • A water feature
  • Cinderblock planters stacked 
    Image source: Centrepoint blog (
  • A vine
  • Tall Cannas 
    Image source: Karchesky Canna website (
  • A planterfall 
    Image source: ABC das Suculentas (
I seem to recall struggling with the corner in my old backyard as well. Sigh, apparently corners are my nemesis. 

Nemeses? Nemesi??

They thwart me.

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