Sunday, October 4, 2015

Epic catch-up post part 2: New Windows

When we bought the house we knew the windows were an issue: several were visibly clouded, and whatever insulating properties they once had were long gone. Unfortunately, they seemed like the least urgent of our negotiating and discretionary spending priorities.

I'm not even sure why or how, but a few weeks ago we ended up getting a quote from Anderson Replacement Windows, which means we ended up buying some windows. We didn't replace them all, but we prioritized some of the worst offenders: Ryan's office windows, and the giant kitchen window.

It's actually been cool enough to have the windows open all day long!

Ryan's office, and Ollie the photobomber

Sneak preview of my 3rd project!

My favorite part about them? Besides the fact that they open easily, and block out sound and temperature extremes, and look beautiful? A better view of the garden!


  1. Makes such a difference, doesn't it? The only thing I miss about replacing our old single-panes is that I can't hear the high school marching band a half-mile away practice in the morning (unless I open the windows, of course). I used to love it as a sign of fall. :-)

    1. Yes!! I used to live in a 3rd floor apartment off of Metric in North Austin (Scofield Farms neighborhood), and I loved hearing the band practice right behind me!