Monday, October 12, 2015

Epic catch-up post part 3: Sod Removal and Decomposed Granite Install

You know how sometimes you build something up in your head, and then when you finally get it you're kind of disappointed? 

This wasn't one of those times. SO. HAPPY.

The only thing that would make me happier would be to have money to finish this project in the backyard, and continue it into the side yard as well. But since it's illegal to sell your organs on the internet, I'll just have to save up some cash and maybe finish in the Spring. Delayed gratification is the lamest thing ever.

Here's how the project started:

Dumping road base and decomposed granite in our driveway

Sod removal in progress
The same location after (sorry for the shadows):
It's like I've been under water and can finally breathe. Negative space is important, ya'll; don't underestimate it.

And then even though it seemed like it couldn't get any better, it did:

 My fingers were so sore from putting those suckers together, but it was worth it. (Pretend you can't see the hose running behind it. I suck at staging photos.)

The above is further evidence of my craptastic staging abilities, but more importantly you can see the current "Tommy Two-Face" nature of the backyard: those white bags mark the beginning of the crappy grass zone.

Still, all I need is my firepit in the middle of those chairs, and I'll feel like I won the lottery. (Which I might need to do to pay for the firepit....)

Picture me here with a marshmallow on a skewer, accidentally catching it on fire in my firepit!
I understand what people mean about the granite tracking, but so far I've only seen that when it's wet (and then it sticks to your shoes like cement). I have a pretty decent transition of patio, then tile before we get to the hardwood floors, so hopefully that will keep me from regretting this decision. And sometime in the next year, I hope to add big rectangular limestone pavers along the most commonly traversed areas. That should also reduce the likelihood of tracking?

I had a tree expert come out and make sure that the dg around the tree roots wasn't causing them any harm, and he acknowledged that it was piled a little high but should be fine. (I had them trim the Live Oaks and some plants were smushed, but that's another post.)

A good problem to have: that giant empty bed against the far fence! So many plants and ideas....


  1. Looking good, Darling Daughter!

  2. That looks so mod and fabulous, Wendy! Congrats on the big changes. Hope you get your fire pit in time for cooler weather. (You probably have a while -- heh.)

    1. Ha, yeah I figure if I get it in December we can use it in January. (Mother Nature will now read this post and send us a real cold front next week. ;-)

      I was just commenting to Ryan last night that with every passing day, I love this decision more. It really brightens up the shaded back yard, so I no longer look out the window and see dark/scraggly.

      I've already started wondering if I'll ultimately end up expanding the plant beds even further (reducing the granite area), and I haven't even filled the beds yet! A good compromise might just be plants in pots on the granite. I loved the look of this garden you posted about, with plants inside and outside the formal edging: