Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bathroom update

It was brought to my attention that I've neglected this blog, and specifically never posted about the bathroom makeover results! That was partly due to a hectic work schedule and then vacation, but largely because I still hate it.

I'm not even sure I hate it less, because now it has stolen an entire weekend from my life that I'll never get back. But it's arguably less hideous. And our relationship survived the project, so: bonus!

Here are some pictures after all the wallpaper was removed:

Why yes, that is drywall paper you see over the sink areas. I learned that when they put the wallpaper up, they pasted it right onto the drywall - no primer or nuthin'. Apparently when one does that, it fuses with the drywall and then there's no getting it off without taking chunks of drywall along with it. (So full of loathing for them....)

After the walls dried, I primed them with a product that's supposed to be good for painting over paper surfaces, then did a coat of regular ol' Kilz primer, and then painted. This is the final(ish) result:

Ryan did a rockstar job of putting up new lighting - it's the Martha Stewart line, and there's a 2-light fixture over his sink. He'd never replaced light fixtures before, so yay him!!

Later we put a medicine cabinet over my sink. Still need to put a mirror over his but since he's not whining about it I'm taking my time.

The color is Behr 'Flagstaff Green', which is a greenish-blue.

I still haven't painted the cabinets and I'm ignoring the toilet area entirely, but its tolerable and Ryan said he was 100% happier after we "finished", so that's good enough for me! Perhaps someday if I'm profoundly bored I'll do more, but nobody hold their breath for that.

What you don't see, and don't need to see to appreciate, is that we had to replace the toilet about a month ago. It wasn't a planned expense, but THAT has made me happier than anything else we've done to that bath: gone is the squatty troll toilet, replaced with a standard white toilet for humans of normal height. And it flushes with authority, unlike the old one where you'd stand with the plunger in hand, in case it upchucked because you used an extra square of paper. It's the little things....

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