Sunday, February 19, 2017

Indoor container gardening experiments

I've always struggled to keep indoor plants alive, however I'm making an attempt at succulent arrangements to see if I have better luck.

About 2 weeks ago I got on Instagram for the first time. I didn't have a clue how to use it (still don't), and started "hearting" things (is that even what you call it??)

One of those things I hearted was an all-in-one succulent arrangement from JuicyKits. They have these darling little planters and arrangements, which they sell as separate items or as a kit (including soil and everything). I fell in love with The Egg and was jonesing to "garden", so I found a 15% coupon and splurged.

It arrived late last week, securely packed with everything clearly labeled, and instructions for how to put it together:

I think it turned out okay!

They gave you the option to select your own plants, and I let them choose but in hindsight I'd have preferred a little more color variation/contrast. That said, I can swap out the succulents whenever I want! The only thing I'm iffy about is the moss that you place on top of the dirt - I may replace it with gravel or rocks.

They're doing a 40% of sale of all inventory right now, so go see if you need anything!

Container project #2 was more...inspired. Ryan and I went to a gathering with friends for a Not-Christmas/Valentine's Day White Elephant party. We took home these Star Wars koozies from Think Geek, because Star Wars.

We (okay, I) debated using them as actual koozies, but we really don't drink a lot of canned beverages so it seemed like yet another thing we'd put in a drawer and never use.

I pulled out the foam innards, put some filter paper on the bottom so the dirt wouldn't fall out, and turned them into succulent planters!

I put them in the boys' bathroom and scored kid-points for about 2.3 seconds (because duh, they're plants). Then the next day Max informed me that the "flowers" in the bathroom make his nose itchy, so now they're in my office/sunroom.

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