Sunday, February 19, 2017

New office, part 2: manifestation!

I posted here about my vision for a space where I could work and lounge. I am writing this post from my new office, specifically my new chaise.

Ollie the photobomber

Daisy wanted in on the action too
I still want to get a few more plants, and of course a pot for that Bird of Paradise, and 2 floating shelves for the far wall by the hook rack. Those are the little things I can do over time (and paychecks).

If it weren't for "Winter" (such as it is here in Austin) I likely would have let this project languish for years, so thanks Winter! And stay away now because all my perennials are starting to sprout, kthxbye.

If I could move into this I would. Lots of sun, a view of the garden, all my gardening books within reach...heaven.

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