Thursday, January 22, 2015

I almost forgot to post about this: I conquered the caulk!!

I've been intimidated by caulking since I tried to recaulk the bathtub in my old house 10+ years ago. It was a disaster.

I knew I needed to caulk the gaps between the upper kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. They were there before I painted; a remnant of the popcorn ceiling removal (again, those guys were slackers).

After the cabinets were painted it was even more obvious:

Behold the beauty of my caulking!

I read a lot on Pinterest about how to do it well. The secrets:

  1. Cut the hole as small as you possibly can. I didn't even cut all the way to the 1/8 mark and it was plenty big.
  2. Don't use a wet finger. Wet your finger with water, blot it once on a damp paper towel, and then smooth out the caulk bead. Wipe off excess caulk, wet your finger, and repeat the process.
Yay for me!! (And my kitchen. And Pinterest.)

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