Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kitchen win

This arrived today, and I am thrilled beyond words:

It's the custom rug I mentioned ordering in this post. It's beautiful, and I'm not just saying that because it covers the blue tile. To paraphrase The Dude "It really pulls the room together."

It slightly offsets the minor setback with the oak board I've been working on for the fireplace.

I discovered that it wasn't cut evenly, and it's approximately 1/4 inch higher on the right side. (You can kind of tell if you look closely.) And it isn't all at one end, it's a little off both at the top and bottom. So now I need to get a hand planer I guess? Argh.

I got a deal on Angie's List for 3 hours of handyman work, so having them mount this is my primary objective. If time permits, turning the door to this cabinet into a pullout is my second need:

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