Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painting the kitchen cabinets - 2 steps forward, one (tiny) step back

We have doors!! See those knobs?? Yay! They're the Allen + Roth satin nickel knobs from Lowe's and I love them. They have a nice weight to them.
allen + roth 1.25-in Satin Nickel Round Cabinet Knob

Unfortunately I couldn't put them on the drawers because the screw/post is too short, so I'll be making a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's this weekend to look for longer ones.

Last night I applied the 2nd coat of paint to the backs of the lower cabinet doors, and we installed the new Acona Stainless Steel vent hood. We're struggling a bit with the flue (?) that vents the air out of the vent hood, so we still have the range in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I should have taken a picture of the during: I finally taped gauze pads all along the edges of the cabinets because Ryan kept accidentally banging them with the vent hood every time he put it in and took it out. Not something he could help because it's heavy/awkward, but there are a few dings I'll have to touch up. [At one point he flung open the cabinet door above the range, where the flue is housed, and the lovely new knob banged into the door on the right. I felt my heart in my throat for a moment but nothing got damaged that time. I learned my lesson and taped over the knob temporarily, but the smart move would have been to leave those doors off until the vent was installed.]

Tonight is coat 1 on the front side, tomorrow coat 2, and then we wait for them to dry/cure so we can re-hang!

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